Time is a critical asset that needs to be delicately leveraged to deliver optimal productivity and performance. We conservatively estimate that young companies (under 20 years old) operate at a velocity no less than 400% faster than established institutions. Our goal, with your help, is to identify opportunities to accelerate your company into the next decade with a competitive advantage.

The following questions are an illustrative example of how we measure your Operating Velocity. Please answer as accurately as you can.

Approximately what percentage of your customers need to provide a physical signature to conduct business with you? *

Do you have a dedicated innovation effort within your company? *

That is, do you have a team that builds new revenue systems or invests in young companies that are strategically aligned to your organization's future?
To what level does the innovation team report? *

How forward-thinking would you consider your company? *

Assume a score of “1” means focused on Business As Usual and a score of “7” means actively focused on the future.
Approximately how long does it take to finalize a $1MM decision?
Assume risk is neutral. *

Thank you for completing the survey. You should receive your results within two minutes. Your answers will be maintained in strict confidentiality.

This evaluation represents a surface-level view of your operating velocity. The full Pallantius Velocity Framework (PVF) is our proprietary, scientifically-developed model that offers personalized recommendations to help your organization enter the next decade with a competitive advantage.